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Over the past few months I have seen an unprecedented increase in enquiries from people wanting to know if I am breeding or how to go in a waiting list.   I will get back to you all individually, but please be patient. In the meantime, please read the following and hopefully some of your questions will be answered.


Demand for puppies has gone through the roof due to lockdown and the misconception people have that now is a good time to get a puppy - it isn’t!


So, I have taken the decision not to have another litter until the end of this year or the beginning of 2021.


Usually, I would point those of you interested in Lindens puppy in the direction of other ethical breeders, but in these uncertain times I am unable to forward on any more enquiries. This is because all ethical breeders with puppies planned or due now will have full waiting lists, and we are all being inundated with enquires.


I can’t stress enough that this is not a good time to get a puppy unless you had already planned for one and are already on the waiting list of a known ethical breeder. Otherwise it is likely you’ll fall prey to unscrupulous puppy farmers or individual ‘breeders’ looking to take advantage. Most have no interest in the health and welfare of the dogs and puppies in their care and many have put their prices up to extortionate levels.


There have been many instances of puppies being shipped in from abroad only to succumb to preventable disease, often dying, leaving new owner bereft and out of pocket and veterinary professionals concerned that people are still falling prey to these sophisticated scammers.


I often get asked about licensed breeders and if a license is a ‘kite mark’ that denotes quality, or of ethical breeding. IT IS NOT! Do not think that because someone has a license to breed that it means you don’t have to do your home work.


I am alarmed by the amount of people still not doing their due diligence. You must ask questions - don’t make an enquiry unless you have your list of questions to hand. A good breeder will be transparent and more than happy to answer them and will also have many questions to ask of you before considering you for a waiting list.


In the current climate I would walk away from anyone who has multiple breeds and/or puppies available immediately. Puppies must ALWAYS be seen with their mum and litter mates. All supporting evidence and paperwork for KC registration, health testing, vaccination etc should be available and must be verified.


Please put the welfare of the dogs and puppies first and do not rush into making this life changing decision.


For updates in my breeding plans, please keep an eye on my Lindens Puppies Facebook page.


Best wishes



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